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Student Tour London

Student tour to London 2018

London Eye

Student tour to London 2018

Wetsminister Abbey

Student tour to London 2018

UK Study Tours

Student tour to London 2018

UK Study Tours

Student tour to London 2018

Piccadilly Circus

Student tour to London 2018


Student tour to London 2018

Buckingham Palace

Student tour to London 2018

Trafalgar Square

Tour Details:

Welcome on a student tour to London.

Student Top Attractions in London


All times are used as a guideline and depend on circumstances

  • Main Departures: Bournemouth 8am / Brighton 8.45am / Oxford 9am
  • 10am to 11am arrive in London (depending on your departure)
  • 90 minute guided walking tour with tour guide
  • Free time for lunch and visiting shops, attractions or museums
  • Departure 5pm to return
  • Arrive back to finish in Brighton 6pm, Oxford 7pm and Bournemouth 8pm


We start our tour near Buckingham Palace to see the main sights including London Eye, Houses of Parliament & Big Ben (currently undergoing building work and mostly covered), Westminster Abbey, River Thames, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall and Downing Street.


Noisy, vibrant and truly multicultural, London is full of people, ideas and energy. The capital and largest city of both the United Kingdom and of England, it is also the largest city in Western Europe and the European Union. Situated on the River Thames in South-East England, Greater London has an official population of nearly 9 million people — although the figure of over 14 million for the citys total metropolitan area more accurately reflects Londons size and importance.

Buckingham Palace: The palace has served as the official London residence to the King or Queen since 1837. Buckingham Palace is not in constant use as a royal home but it is used as the administrative centre for the royal household and houses the various offices of different members of the royal family. The palace has 775 rooms and over the summer months the palace is open to the public to visit the state rooms.

West End: This area takes in Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, China Town along with Soho, Regent Street and Oxford Street. The West End is the entertainment and shopping centre of London with its many theatres, cinemas and many of the large clothing stores. In Trafalgar Square you will find the National Art Gallery, entrance is free of charge, behind this you will find Leicester Square, home to the largest cinema in the UK and where many film premiers are held. Close by to Leicester Square you will find China Town and then Piccadilly Square with the statue of Eros, leading off from the circus is Regent Street with its great stores that lead all the way up to the most important shopping street in London, Oxford Street.

Madame Tussauds: This one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. It contains wax figures of famous royalty and politicians, entertainers and sports men and women.

London Eye: The Eye was built to help celebrate the new millennium in the year 2000, the wheel itself is meant to symbolise time and the planet always turning. The original plan was for the wheel to be in place for only 5 years but as it proved to be such a great success this has now been extended, over 3.5 million people visit the eye every year.

Other places of interest: There are so many things to see and do in London you would not even have enough time to do them all if you lived there, here are some highlights. Big Ben is one of the most well known land marks in London, the clock tower is part of the Palace of Westminster otherwise known as the Houses of Parliament. Next door to Big Ben is Westminster Abbey, this is where all of our kings and queens have been crowned for nearly the last 1000 years, it is also where Prince William and Kate Middleton were married. In Covent Garden Market you will find plenty of places to shop or to sit back to eat and drink and take in some of the world class street entertainment. There are also plenty of opportunities to take bus or boat tours to explore London even further.

This information shows example itineraries to use as a guideline, please note that the order we visit various attractions may change depending on circumstances or time of year.

Please follow the advice of your tour manager and make sure that you are at the various pick up points and departures at the correct times.

Included In Tour Price

  • Transport included
  • Free map and information
  • 90 minute guided walking tour of the centre of London
  • Free time for shopping (nearby is Oxford St, Regent St & Carnaby St) 
  • See the Changing of the Guard ceremony (depending on circumstances)
  • Visit amazing art galleries for free (Tate Modern, National Gallery, Tate Britain)
  • Visit world class museums for free (British Museum, Science Museum or Natural History Museum)