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Safety is UK Study Tours number one priority. We have dedicated personnel who thoroughly inspect all aspects of a  tour to ensure all health and safety procedures are met. We are proud of our safety record and our Risk Assessment Manager will contact you once you have chosen your tour and will go through step-by-step any potential hazards or reasons for concern so that you will have ample time to prepare control measure.

Our Risk Assessment Manager will ensure that  all accommodation, transport, and excursions meet the Department of Education  and The Scottish Executive’s Standards . If you have any question or concern regarding your tour than please contact our Risk Assessment Manager now at

Safety Management

UK Study Tours offers you the assurance that all tours have been externally verified and complies with the Department for Education’s and Scottish Executive’s recommendations for educational visits. Our policy is to operate each tour with the highest standard of health and safety. Each staff member is trained to respond quickly and efficiently in case of an emergency.

Teachers and group leaders will receive information that will allow them to manage safety on their trips. Information such as Site Risk Assessments can be downloaded and of Risk Assessment Manager will provide you with advice concerning your tour.

Risk Assesment

Schools trip teachers are legally required to complete a written risk assessment . It is their duty of care towards pupils and in an activity where there is an amount of risk, they will need to show that they have considered, and as a result, have taken all reasonable precautions.

It is important that teachers follow the guidelines of their particular school and Local Education Authority. It is essential that teachers make these assessments themselves but UK Study Tours has a selection of hazard information sheets and risk assessments for specific sites. This will provide information on potential hazards at a site as well as suggested precautionary measures. This will save you time and effort but only you know your pupils and only you can complete the actual risk assessment.

Preview Visits for Group Leaders & Teachers

We understand that you may need to visit your chosen tour location in order to familiarise yourself with all aspects of the tour and to be able to effectively manage group safely. If you wish to preview a tour before taking your group, we can help you with the costs. Please contact us at for more details.

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