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Student Tour Stratford Upon Avon (Private Group)

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Tour Details:

Welcome on a student tour to Stratford Upon Avon, home of one of the greatest writers that ever lived - Shakespeare.

Student Top Attractions in Stratford



Return travel by executive coach with services of an experienced tour guide for your sightseeing day tour in one of Englands most beautiful market towns next to the River Avon. This small quaint place is full of history, picturesque Tudor buildings, theatres, shops, many attractions and things to see and do.

Included on the tour you are shown the places where Shakespeare lived in Stratford which includes his Birthplace on Henley Street. It is open to the public with an exhibition centre to learn more about this great man and see where he was born and lived in his early years. See more below about prices for entrance.

We will also show you the King Edward VI school where Shakespeare went to study, the site of his retirement home and place of his death called New Place. You can also visit his final resting place where he is buried in the Holy Trinity Church.

Stratford upon Avon & Things to do:

Shakespeares Birthplace
Discover the fascinating story of William Shakespeares early years, and see where he spent the first five years with his new wife. See how his father, John, earned his living as a glove maker and explore The Shakespeare Exhibition, before entering the house and its outstanding gardens.

You can meet your favourite Shakespeare characters and watch some of his best-loved scenes brought to life by actors as you stroll through the house and grounds, you may even want to take part!

Nashs House and New Place
The last chapter in the life of William Shakespeare. Nash’s House was owned by Shakespeare’s granddaughter, Elizabeth, and adjoins the site of New Place, where the Shakespeare story ends in 1616. Home to the Complete Works of Shakespeare Exhibition, telling the remarkable story of one of the most influential and best loved books in the English language, as well as the most magificent gardens and grounds

Holy Trinity Church
Visit Shakespeares Grave and the graves of Anne Hathaway, Dr John Hall and his wife Susanna Shakespeare and Thomas Nash in the chancel of Holy Trinity Church. Also in the chancel are 26 fine 15th century carved misericords. On the bank of the River Avon, this is one of England's most beautiful parish churches. You can also get dressed up in Tudor outfits available inside for a bit of fun and memorable photos! Price to enter is free but to go up to the grave of Shakespeare and family costs 50p for students

MAD Museum (Mechanical Art and Design)
The MAD (Mechanical Art and Design) Museum is the only specialist attraction of its kind in the UK. Based in Stratford upon Avon, the museum was launched in March 2012 and showcases the world’s finest pieces of Kinetic Art and Automata from pioneering artists from all over the world.

River Cruises
Enjoy a 40 minute River Avon cruise aboard one of the traditional Edwardian passenger launches. The river cruises take you on a sightseeing tour on which you will enjoy stunning and unique views of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and Holy Trinity Church as well as experiencing the tranquillity of the countryside. This is one of the most naturally beautiful and unspoilt stretches of navigable river anywhere in the U.K.

Tudor World Museum
This award winning museum is situated right in the heart of the historic town of Stratford upon Avon within a Grade 2* listed historic building. Visitors will experience the horrible world of The Tudors, which relates the truth behind life in Tudor England in an educational, accessible and atmospheric way. Various aspects of Tudor life, from Elizabeth I to the plague, are shown through reconstructed sets and multi sensory equipment. The real life home of Shakespeares comic character John Falstaff, Terry Deary dedicated The Horrible History of Stratford upon Avon to the building.

Pre-tour planning

If you intend to travel to our central London meeting points by public transport, you can plan your journey in advance on the Transport for London website  -

NB: The tour date at the end of April will include Shakespeares Birthday Parade and street celebrations around the city.

This information shows example itineraries to use as a guideline, please note that the order we visit various attractions may change depending on circumstances or time of year.

Please follow the advice of your tour manager and make sure that you are at the various pick up points and departures at the correct times.

What Is Included In Tour Price

  • Return Travel
  • Free map
  • Guided walking tour of Stratford upon Avon
  • Opportunity to see where Shakespeare was born, lived, died and was buried.
  • Free time for sights, shops & museums

Tour Optionals

Optionals extras are also available, but they are not included in the tour price.

  • Shakespeares Birthplace, Nashs House and New Place (Tickets from £14.95)
  • Holy Trinity Church (Free entry, 50p entrance to see Shakespeares grave)
  • MAD Museum (Tickets from £6.80)
  • River Avon Boat Cruise (Tickets from £5.50)
  • Tudor World Museum (Tickets from £5.50)