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Student Tour Brighton

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Tour Details:

Welcome on a student tour to Brighton.

Student Top Attractions in Brighton


All times are used as a guideline and depend on circumstances

  • Main departures: Bournemouth 8.30am / Oxford 8.30am / London 8.45am
  • 10 to 11am arrive in Brighton (depending on your departure)
  • 1 hour guided walking tour with tour guide
  • Free time for lunch and sights, shops and attractions.
  • Departure 4pm to return 
  • Arrive back in London 5.30pm / Bournemouth 6.30pm / Oxford 7pm


On the walking tour you will be shown the best of Brighton including the Royal Pavilion and its gardens, also taken through the bohemian area with its retro or unique independent shops, some buildings showing colourful street graffiti art. We will see the old historic centre of the city through to the beach and seafront.

Your guide will finish the tour after showing you what the seafront has to offer apart from sunbathing on a sunny warm day. The seafront is very connected to the city and has a lot to offer such as the famous Brighton Pier full of amusements and fairground rides or the new i360 sightseeing ride plus one of the oldest sealife aquariums and often there are events or festivals taking place to add to the atmosphere.

In the afternoon, there will be plenty of free time for you to get some lunch (maybe some local fish and chips?) and then visit any of the great shops, attractions such as the Royal Pavilion or relax on the beach.


Brighton is one of the largest resorts on the South Coast of England. Brighton is not just popular as a destination in the summer months but at weekends throughout the year. Brighton is also called "London by the sea". Brighton has a unique feel to it and a vibe which attracts many. Come and see why Brighton is one of the most fashionable and trendy places in the UK.

Things to do:

Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is one of the most unique buildings in Britain.  It was built about 200 years ago in the fashion of an Indian Palace. Tickets are usually available to purchase on the day and can include a multi-lingual audio guide.

Brighton Pier

Construction of Brighton Pier began in 1891 and took eight years to complete. Brighton Pier is now the only pier left in Brighton after the older West Pier was destroyed in a fire in 2003. The pier offers great views along the coast in both directions and contains many amusement rides, cafes and bars. Free to enter, rides and amusements are extra charge.

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

The museum has many galleries with exhibits about Brighton as well as collections of pottery and porcelain, a world art collection and fine art. 

Brighton Fishing Museum

Brighton’s past and present as the county’s busiest fishing town is celebrated in this delightful museum near Brighton Pier. Opened in 1992 it was part of the regeneration of Brighton’s seafront in the area known as the fishing quarter, where locals offer freshly caught fish and shellfish for sale and a traditional smokehouse operates nearby. Cost - FREE

British Airways i360 

Brighton's newest addidtion the skyline and one of the best sightseeing towers in the UK. Designed by the same company that designed London Eye.

This information shows example itineraries to use as a guideline, please note that the order we visit various attractions may change depending on circumstances or time of year.

Please follow the advice of your tour manager and make sure that you are at the various pick up points and departures at the correct times.

What's Included In Tour Price

  • Transport included
  • Free map and information
  • 1 hour guided walking tour of Brighton
  • Free time for sights, shops, attractions & museums

Tour Optionals

Optional extras are also available, but they are not included in the tour price.

  • Royal Pavilion £12 students £8 children (5-15)
  • i360 £15 approx
  • Museum & Art Gallery £4 approx