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Student Testimonials

We take thousands of students each year on tours and many have shared both their positive and at times not-so-positive reviews. We don’t try to hide this, we use this to learn and improve our tours. Don’t take our word for it. See this for yourself on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages.

If you would like to submit a review, use one of the provided social channels: Facebook, Twitter or Google+ . If you have any further questions or complaint please send it directly to our dedicated customer service team email to

Latest submited reviews

Sharon R. 10/9/2014 - General Review

My daughter studied abroad at the University of Sussex, spring of 2013. She can honestly say that UK Study Tours offered all the escapes she needed. Great trips, great experiences.

Tais S. 21/7/2014 - Paris & Versailles

The Paris and Versailles trip was really nice, and Amsterdam and Bruges as well. All the guides were kind and helpful and we saw a lot of places in one weekend. I'm really glad that I booked my trips with UK study and I hope I can travel more times with them. Thank you for everything!

Gabriel B. 25/4/2014 - Switzerland & The Alps

I've gone there last year. Best trip of my life. This place combines perfectly natural beauty and fun.

Rossana R. from Brighton, 2/8/2013 - Scotland, Edinburgh & The Highlands

Everything was great. Plus the guide gave us the required information, she was available all the time, not forgotting anyone's name. Very professional! The hotel was peaceful, clean and superb afterall. Thanks a lot!

Jiri H. from Bournemouth, 21/6/2013 - Amsterdam & Bruges

At first I would like to thank Willem, our tour guide, he was exceptional during the whole tour in Amsterdam & Bruges, funny aswell. Amsterdam & Bruges were both lovely! And I had a great time over this weekend tour.
Really thank you, I will travel with UK Study Tours for sure again.

Tim from Brighton, 7/6/2013 - Paris & Versailles

I though this tour was really great - being from the USA, I wasn't sure what to expect. Still, I was pleasantly surprised with the good time I had on the trip, how much of Paris/Versailles I was able to see in just 2 days, and what I learned about segments of France's rich history all the while. I also think it deserves explicit mentioning that Peter (tour guide) was exceptional. As a guide, he was both patient and responsive to questions and knowledgable. Overall it was great!

Akiko from Brighton, 26/04/2013 - Paris & Versailles

I am very happy with my visit in Paris. I would like to thank UK Study Tours, my guide - Sami and the lovely bus driver who made this possible.It's very well organised and fits perfectly with my school time table. It's a good value for money.